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Wetaskiwin PCN

10 Year Anniversary

The Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network is a partnership between Family Physicans and Alberta Health. This non profit health organization was created in 2010 to extend free health care services to our community.


We have a decentralized/centralized hybrid model of care - offering services out of the PCN main office, local Physicians clinics, as well as the Wetaskiwin hospital. Our PCN is comprised of 34 family Physicians (located in the 4 participating clinics) & 29 PCN staff, of which 20 are healthcare professionals whom provide direct clinical services.


The Wetaskiwin PCN has collaborated to develop additional services available to patients and family members. 


Our services became available to the community in the fall of 2011. To better serve the community the services were identified in the following three areas:

   1.  Mental Health

   2.  Chronic Disease Management

   3.  Obstetrics, Women's Wellness & Teen Health


The additional services provided by the Wetaskiwin PCN will mean that as patients have arising health concerns ,we are readily available & here to help them find the answers to their questions or concerns. You will also find getting referred is faster and easier as the PCN can now directly refer patients to the healthcare provider, program and/or specialist needed.  As well patients can still make an appointment to see their Physician just as they did before! In fact, with the PCN offering supportive services, patients may actually find that they have better access to their family Physician! 


Our services are for anyone requiring Primary Care but are targeted at serving specifically the people in our community.  Residents of the City of Wetaskiwin & County of Wetaskiwin (including the surrounding communities such as: Millet, Gwynne, Maskwacis, Falun, Pigeon Lake & Buck Lake, etc).

Our services are expanding regularly - check back regularly or call us for more information. You can now register to participate in one of our workshops directly from the Workshop page!


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Our Vision:


Providing excellence in patient care through collaboration, cooperation & multidisciplinary teamwork