What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

Primary Care Networks (PCN's) are a made in Alberta approach to ensure that patients recieve the right care, from the right health professional, at the right time. 


There are currently 45 PCN's in Alberta. Each PCN may offer different services because each communities needs may vary.


In a PCN, Family Physicians join together with Alberta Health and other health professionals in their local community to better coordinate, and improve access to the delivery of primary care health services for their patients. We feel this results in better collaboration, more timely referrals & more comprehensive care.


Within the PCN, Physicians & other health care providers communicate and consult with one another to help plan and guide our patients future health plans and services. This keeps everyone up to date and informed on the status of the patients health. 


As a cooperative approach to your health needs, the formation of Wetaskiwin PCN means that your Physician and other healthcare providers (such as your nurse & dietitian) are now working within the same network towards the same goal - your health!


For further information on the Primary Care Initative &

participating PCNs across Alberta visit: www.pcnpmo.ca