Teen Health

Clinic Hours
Wednesdays, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


What can we help you with?


  •     STI Education, Screening & Treatment

  •     Birth Control Education & Options

  •     Pregnancy Testing - with immediate results!

  •     Relationship Support (peers, family member & partner)

  •     Dating, Abuse or Violence Issues

  •     Self Esteem & Body Image Concerns



This service was created so you could more easily have access to health information and ask those questions you otherwise might not be comfortable talking with someone else to. 


 You will have access to an entire female team of health care professionals who want to help youshould you need their assistance.


This team of health care professionals include female: Family Physician, Nurses, Dietitian, Therapists & Front Reception Staff.

Will people find out why you were here?


We make it one of our highest priorities that you feel comfortable and safe to come to us for your health needs.


So, when you come in to the office/clinic you simply have to fill out a form with some of your information (such as name, address, birth date and Alberta Health number) then your ready for your visit.


We aim to protect your privacy. The only reason someone has to know why you came to see us is if you decide to share it with them.


However, there are limits to confidentiality depending on your age which we can discuss with you when you come for health services.


When is it?

Every Wednesday from 8:30am - 4:30pm

You can make an appointment or walk in -

which ever is best for you.


Where is it?

At the Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network.

Located in East Gate Mall off of Main Street

5010C - 48 St


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