Prescription to Get Active

Participating Partners:

Being more active is good for your health... ask you family Physician or your PCN nurse about your health and what Prescription to Get Active would work best for you.


Prescription to Get Active has partnered with several different local recreation and fitness facilities and businesses in a unique venture where local family Physicians and their healthcare teams prescribe physical activity to patients who would benefit from increased activity - a Prescription to Get Active.


So how does it work?


You, the patient can go to your doctor and if you and your doctor feels that you're eligible, they will write you a 'Prescription to Get Active'. which will include the type of exercise and the number of times a week you should be using it. You can then take that prescription to one of the partners and exchange it for one of their passes.


The Wetaskiwin PCN has taken it upon themselves to coordinate the Prescription to Get Active Program. This program is an initiative to help patients be more active.




 City of Wetaskiwin - Manluk Centre


a complimentary 10 punch pass to the swimming pool and/or fitness centre


Snap Fitness


a complimentary 7 day pass, wtih a discount for the first month


BodyWerks Fitness


    a complimentary 5 day punch pass


Shanti Wellness


a complimentary pass to your choice of
a karate class or a yoga class


Refresh Wellness


a complimentary pass to your choice of

a yoga class or a pilates class


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